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Editorial: Zimbabwe's 2022 National Budget...a forecast

Dear Readers

We are pleased to bring to you this Edition of the Zimbabwe Briefing which focuses on the 2022 National Budget.

This Edition lays out the expectations from the 2022 National Budget as well as key areas of focus in light of the continued economic decline which has relegated many Zimbabweans into abject poverty.

According to the World Bank, half of Zimbabwe’s population has sunk into extreme poverty between 2011 and 2020. For us as the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, this calls for the government to put in place policies that will inspire confidence and lead to economic recovery. The 2022 National Budget should also seek to address key service delivery issues related to access to clean, safe and potable water, access to health and access to affordable quality education.

Pronouncements to the effect that the economy has been on an upward trajectory have merely been an act of politicking as events on the ground suggest otherwise.

Corruption, poor governance and uniformed economic policies continue to fuel Zimbabwe’s economic decline while worsening poverty at a time the local currency continues to depreciate against major currencies.

In light of the above as well as the continued inflation in Zimbabwe, this Brief emphasizes the need for the government to urgently consider the dollarization of the economy.

Implementing a gender-responsive budget is one of the recommendations highlighted in this Brief. The 2022 National Budget should also seek to ensure that concerns from marginalized and disadvantaged groups are addressed.

We highlight in this Brief as well that a toxic political environment, coupled with poor governance remains one of the huge impediments to economic recovery and growth in Zimbabwe.



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