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Editorial: State Capture: Zimbabwe's looting machine

Dear Readers

We are pleased to bring to you this edition of the ZimBriefing which focuses on State Capture and plunder of the country’s national resources at the expense of the majority who continue to wallow in abject poverty despite assurances of zero tolerance against corruption.

It is quite apparent that Zimbabwe’s administration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to walk the talk in the fight against corruption and looting of national resources.

If anything, the so-called new dispensation has perfected the art of corruption and looting and resultantly, ordinary Zimbabweans continue to bear the brunt of the multi-faceted crisis in Zimbabwe. It is quite unfortunate that Zimbabweans continue to wallow in abject poverty whilst living in the land of plenty.

State capture and corruption have intensified under the new dispensation with cartels teaming up with high-ranking politicians to milk the country dry.

Corruption and looting of national resources have thus been at the heart of the country’s economic crisis and this has been exacerbated by the failure to implement investor-friendly policies.

There have been deliberate efforts by the new dispensation to disempower institutions mandated to fight corruption (including the judiciary) and these institutions have apparently been powerless to act against corrupt, politically connected individuals.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission and the Special Anti Corruption Unit have been reduced to weapons meant to fight political opponents while the catch and release method has ensured that corrupt individuals walk scot-free.

It is on the backdrop of these challenges that we seek to mobilize civic society organisations to play a meaningful part in exposing corruption and holding authorities to account.

Fighting corruption, ensuring transparency and accountability as well as implementing investor-friendly policies should be at the core of Zimbabwe’s economic revival efforts.

It is the responsibility of progressive Zimbabweans to ensure that the new dispensation walks the talk in the fight against corruption.



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