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Editorial: 30 years after the adoption of the Charter: accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2040

Dear Readers

We are glad to share with you this edition of The ZimBriefing. The edition is coming as Africa commemorates Youth Day commemorates which came as a result of the 16 June youth uprisings that began in Soweto back in 1976.

Thousands of South African youths took a stand against the Bantu Education Act that made it compulsory for black learners to learn certain subjects with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction.

In this edition, we strive to amplify youths’ voices while reinforcing their critical role in shaping democratic societies.

As the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, we value youth participation in democratic processes hence we always strive to create spaces for youths to express their views while rallying behind each other in pushing for respect and observance of the tenets of democracy.

This edition comes on the backdrop of the closure of the democratic space and continued state repression in Zimbabwe.

As the state continues to close the democratic space and descend heavily on dissenting voices, youths have largely been victimized in various forms that include arbitrary arrests, torture and abductions.

In light of this challenge, there is a compelling need to mobilize youths to defend their constitutionally guaranteed rights such as freedom of expression, freedom from torture as well as degrading treatment and freedom of association among other constitutionally guaranteed rights.

We believe youths should be empowered to mobilize each other towards a common goal of ensuring a democratic and economically developed Zimbabwe where they can speak truth to power without fear of reprisals.

Creating platforms for information sharing among the youths is thus critical to allow them to be able to hold authorities to account.

Youths should be empowered to demand better.

Besides the closure of the democratic space in Zimbabwe, the continued economic downturn- which largely emanates from corruption, abuse of state resources and plunder of natural resources as well as the failure to instil investor confidence -has negatively impacted the youths of Zimbabwe hence the need for them to speak with one voice in confronting their collective challenges.

Participation of the youths in electoral and governance processes is thus important and this edition of The ZimBriefing amplifies this as well.

In this edition, we, therefore, strive to demystify the notion that youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

We reinforce that unless and until youths are actively involved in governance processes, the future is bleak for the young generation.

Youths must take charge NOW!!!

Happy Reading


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