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Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

Music has long been a powerful tool for expressing and inspiring social change. This was exemplified recently in Zimbabwe, when musician Winky D released an album that speaks truth to power and brings attention to the issues of democracy and free expression.

The album, titled Eureka Eureka, features a number of young artistes whose messages in expressing the daily living experiences of Zimbabweans in all spheres is unmistaken.

This album has become an anthem for Zimbabweans and has helped to bring attention to the issues facing the country, while also providing hope and inspiration to those living in conditions of drug abuse, unemployment and general social and economic rot.

Through its powerful lyrics and messages of hope, Eureka Eureka has become a source of strength, inspiration and motivation for many, and speaks to the power of music to bring about positive transformation.

In this issue of the ZimBriefing, we explore the role of music and its impact on democracy and free expression in Zimbabwe. We seek to give you insights into the current state of democracy and free expression in Zimbabwe, and how music is being, and can be used to bring about positive change and to bring attention to the issues facing Zimbabwe and inspire social change.

This is against a background where musicians have always used music for this purpose.

Artistes like Thomas Mapfumo, Simon Chimbetu, Tongai Moyo, Leonard Zhakata and Leonard Dembo have managed to hold the government to account and help the cause of the poor, ordinary people through music. These songs have created a sense of unity and solidarity among the ordinary folk who have been at the receiving end of government’s excesses.

Since pre-independence, artistes have created lyrics and melodies that often condemn - at times subtly - the government's injustices; lyrics that highlight the strength and resilience of the people and their commitment to improving their lives.

These songs have become a powerful tool for the people to express their frustrations and fight for their rights, and have been instrumental in bringing about social and political transformations.

We hope this issue of the ZimBriefing will help to provide further understanding and insight into the power of music as a tool for social change in Zimbabwe.

Happy Reading. Eureka!


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