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Coordinator’s Note: Is Zimbabwe headed for another coup?

We bring to you, Vol 5, Issue 3 of the Zimbabwe Briefing, your favourite Journal on Zimbabwe’s political and economic analysis.

This edition takes a closer look at Zimbabwe’s current political situation. It features two solid articles on the military influence in Zimbabwe’s political affairs, how the military has essentially become “shareholders” and they have worked through the economic system to become an autocratic-crony class.

In his piece, Tinashe Chimedza beautifully captures this and warns that despite Mnangagwa’s attempts to built loyalty amongst the military elite, he risks a revolt from disgruntled junior soldiers signalling a second coup.

In summary, both articles present a similar argument, warning of another “military assisted transition” in the absence of genuine political and economic reforms.

In a nutshell, there is a need to cure the coup by embarking on drastic and genuine political and economic reforms that will enable the economy to be on its feet again.

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