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SADC Peoples Summit Democracy, Governance and Human Rights Cluster declaration

We now therefore call on SADC member States and Governments to address the following issues raised by the different clusters who convened at the 2018 SADC People Summit at the Windhoek Show grounds:

  • Ensure that all countries demilitarize the civilian space and governments and return to civilian rule and uphold the rule of law

  • SADC should put time bound reform programme for Lesotho to commence reforms in earnest failing to which the regional body should withdraw their support.

  • Strengthening of independent institutions that support democracy in the region

  • Upgrade the SADC Principles and Guidelines on Democratic Elections to a protocol so that they are enforceable with clear sanctions for non-compliance by member states.

  • Revive the SADC Tribunal with its original form and powers as before its disbandment

  • Demand an inquest into the murders of civilians in Zimbabwe in August 2018

  • SADC and AU must develop action plans and implement initiatives that strengthen democracy before, during and after elections as well as ensure that election observer missions move from election observation to election monitoring.

Full resolutions of the SADC Peoples Summit can be downloaded here.

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