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President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF not willing to transform

The Zimbabwe question will not be resolved as long as leaders focus on will to power than the will to transform, Dr. Pedzisayi Ruhanya has said. Addressing hundreds of Zimbabweans living in South Africa and solidarity partners at a public Dialogue organised by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum (ZSF), Dr Ruhanya said Zimbabwe risks suffering from political decomposition if the issue of transformation is not addressed.

Dr. Ruhanya who heads the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) stated that President Mugabe is part of the problem since he is not willing to step down and pave way for able leadership. He also argued that President Mugabe is not sick but aged and he now needs a rest.

“The succession fights in Zanu PF prove that everyone in Zanu PF is fully convinced that Mugabe is past his age as the President of the republic and has to step down. Mugabe is no longer fit to rule. He must step down or risk people power”, said Dr Ruhanya.

On the introduction of bond notes, Dr Ruhanya said the government of Zimbabwe is taking people for granted and that bond notes are a daylight robbery. He stated that the bond notes were a mere paper since each and every currency value should be determined by economic and market forces.

“What they are saying about the bond note trading with the United states dollar at one as to one is like telling someone that donkey meet is beef”, Dr Ruhanya quipped.

The #Tajamuka spokesperson, Mr Promise Mkwananzi told the gathering that young people in Zimbabwe are very clear as to what needs to happen for Zimbabwe to move forward.

“#Tajamuka is very clear that the first step towards resolving the Zimbabwe impasse is for President Mugabe to step down. We have a leadership crisis in Zimbabwe and as a result of that we have since filed a constitutional application declaring Mugabe unfit to rule”, said Mkwananzi.

Mkwananzi told the gathering that #Tajamuka will make Zimbabwe ungovernable if President Mugabe refuses to step down. He also posited the historic importance of South Africa since the liberation struggle and apartheid era were the two countries helped each other in dislodging oppressors. He said the same spirit should prevail if Zimbabwe is to transform.

Leader of the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe, Mr Stan Zvorwadza said protests will continue at an increasing rate in Zimbabwe.

“We will be escalating our protests but we will also ensure that they are non-violent and peaceful. We are also clear that we bond notes will not solve the current economic crisis and we even told the Reserve Bank Governor of Zimbabwe , Dr Mangudya that he is playing with peoples lives”, said Zvorwadza.

The National Coordinator of the Young Voters Platform told the gathering that the 2018 election is going to be determined by young people and it is important to encourage young people to go register and vote.

“Young people are the game changers in 2018 but must not be abused by politicians who give them handouts and dump them after elections. This time around young people must go out and vote and ensure they make a difference. This is the only way we can be empowered through our vote and statement. We need to send a strong statement that we are tired of lies and piecemeal solutions to our problems. If we want jobs then we must go and vote wisely, come 2018”, Nyikadzino said.

The public dialogue that was held at the constitutional hill, women’s Jail atrium comes at a time when the world is three days from entering into the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. The Crisis Coalition Regional information and advocacy Coordinator, Mr Joy Mabenge assured the gathering that this was the beginning of a series of such public engagements in South Africa and the region as Zimbabwe approaches the 2018 watershed elections.

Main pic: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chairperson, Sally Dura, addressing the public meeting.

Body pic: Promise Mkwananzi, during the public meeting.

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