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End Zimbabwe crisis now – CiZC

The Crisis in Zimbabwer Coalition held a media briefing in Johannesburg, where it heightened calls for a speedy resolution to the crisis plaguing Zimbabwe.

The media briefing was attended by various media representatives. Of note was the SABC, Power FM, AP and Studio 7 Voice of America and Nehanda radio. A statement was read by the Crisis Coalition Chairperson, Ms Sally Dura. Joining her on the panel was Promise Mkwananzi of #Tajamuka movement, Stan Zvorwadza of the Vendors Union of Zimbabwe, Claris Madhuku of Platform for Youth Development and Crisis Coalition youth cluster Chair, and Sipho Theys of the Crisis Coalition Regional Information and Advocacy office board.

“We note, with concern, the wanton destruction of the economy by a kleptocratic regime led by the ruling party, Zanu PF and lack of political will and action towards effecting electoral reforms as Zimbabwe enters a period of uncertainty ahead of the next election cycle, due in 2018,” the statement said.

Members of the media were concerned with the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe and wanted to know whether Zimbabweans are ready to bring down the current government. They were also of the view that people in the region were happy that through the citizen movements Zimbabweans were beginning to take their destiny into their own hands but were extremely concerned about the divisions and infighting taking place.

Of note was the 18 November protest which they felt flopped due to power struggles within the citizen movement. It was very clear from the briefing that the region and people have lost hope in political parties and are now looking for redemption from the citizen movements.

The issue of bond notes was extensively covered and there was a clarion call for Zimbabwe to join the rand union. The role of women and how they become the suffering grass in these power struggles was also discussed and the suffering of the employees and the ever increasing job cuts.

After the briefing exclusive interviews were also done with ANN7 News, Power FM and Studio 7.

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